Bottled Blessings | Cat Spray Remedy


No Spray

Is cat spraying a constant issue in your home? We have a solutions that will permanently end this unwanted behavioral issue. Use our No Spray all natural formula to stop a variety of unwanted cat marking issues.

  • Stop cats urinating on furniture
  • Eliminate male cat spraying
  • End female cat spraying
  • Stop fixed cat spraying

Gettin' Along

Achieve pet harmony in the home with our Gettin’ Along formula.  Our all natural remedy works to prevent a variety of territorial cat, dog or pet issues that are causing tension among pets.  Great for multi-pet households.

  • Easy new pet introduction
  • End aggression in a territorial dog
  • Eliminates pet jealousy
  • Promotes overall pet harmony

Pet Stress Relief

Provide soothing for a stressed cat or general pet stress in the household. Our Pet Stress Relief is an all- natural formula that will alleviate stress in a pet that can be caused from a variety of environmental changes.

  • Creates positive existence for pets
  • Stop all pet depression
  • Less overall pet anxiety
  • Reduce all pet behavior problems


Eliminate pet behavior problems with our all natural formulas

Whether you are trying to prevents cats from spraying or reduce stress, anxiety, aggression, or fear in dogs, Bottled Blessings are specially formulated natural pet products to help overcome a problem pets behavior.  A variety of factors can cause pet behavior problems such as: environmental changes, too many pets in the home, visiting company, introduction of a new cat or pet, a pet death, or pet separation anxiety. Bottled Blessings formulas restore emotional balance, improve behavior and promote overall pet harmony in the home in a natural and safe way without any unwanted side effects.

All Bottled Blessings' natural products are made with therapeutic grade flower essences. For over 60 years flower essences were used for human emotional healing, but in the late 1990s research revealed that they work even better on animals. Modern day domesticated pets deal with a number of stressors that are a direct result of living with their humans. Although most pet owners are conscientious and devout, sometimes pets still develop pet behavior problems. Bottled Blessings offers formulas for many occasions and behaviors that help you and your pet be best friends again.